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“Building a visionary company requires one percent vision and 99 percent alignment”—Jim Collins

Many organisations, despite great vision, struggle to cascade their strategy across the company. While a CEO, typically a great storyteller, mostly succeeds in cascading their strategy with his leaders, the strategy struggles to reach beyond them. Having a clear strategy to execute the strategy is more important than the strategy itself. The absence of it results in energy being spend in different directions and are not aligned towards the organization vision. Some organization achieves the alignment in a harder way by spending most of the middle manager’s time and energy which is also not efficient. The consistency of execution datapoints spanning across the organization is another area, organizations typically struggle. This often impacts the growth of organization and morale of members working within it. Running a best-managed company is all about having a great vision and strategy, aligning the organization with strategy, transforming the organisation into metrics driven and more importantly, connecting the execution at every level with the organization strategy, transparently across the organization that instigates the sense of purpose. We built gBox to address this need!

We built gBox – a governance in a box solution, to bring the best of the industry practices in running a company blended with our own experience and to provide a holistic view of its execution aligned with strategy. As a CEO, you would be able to define a strategic plan, define performance indicators against the plan. The goals get assigned to each of the levels within the organization until it reaches the gross root – all derived from the strategic plan. Each level can expand the strategy and define their own performance indicator. The performance of all departments, levels, and individuals against various indicators of the strategic plan are captured both quantitatively and qualitatively and gBox analytics brings up the performance dashboard for every department, function, and individuals at real-time.

gBox built on enterprise google cloud that adheres to standards that exceed the requirement of the top-tier organization. gBox keeps all client information encrypted and connections are made using secured connections. Our two-factor authentication ensures right people accessing the application. Our top-notch user interface will help you to reach information at ease.

gBox - a perfect tool for running a best-managed company, aligning the strategic plan with execution!